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Magdalena and Sagar

Navdanya’s routine

Time flies, soon we’ll have stayed here for more than a month! Every day we learn new things, either in the morning by helping out on the fields or around the campus, or in the afternoon during one of the learning sessions, or by simply talking …

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Magdalena and Sagar

A letter from India

Magdalena and Sagar have spent 3 month with us in Berlin on the global field exploring the potential for an Indian-German collaboration around the 2000 m² idea. Now they have just arrived in Navdanya, an organic and diversity rich flagship farm near Dehradun, in India, where …

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On their way to the Seed Savers in Gilgil

Lucas Haas and Erick Augure, our Kenian exchange team, have landed in Nairobi and are now on their way to Gilgil, our 2000m² partner field. The famers had send them this video about their work in the Seed Savers Network. We are looking forward to learn …

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Additional 2000 m² Fields in Kenya

02.02.18 Background information Last year our organization shared our plans to establish more 2000m2 in Kenya to serve as training centers for farmers. These will be in addition to Maina’s family field which we have been reporting on. In October 2017, we selected and briefed farmer …

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