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Join the Global Bean Club

On Thursday, January 27 at 5 pm we will start a new monthly habit: A lecture on legumes in the field, in the garden and in the kitchen. Together with 40 partners from 13 EU countries, Kenya and India we start the Bean Club! Come in!

How do you like the logo? The whole project is so new that it might not be the final version yet. We are curious what our bean partners from Sweden, Greece, France, Spain, Italy, Serbia, Switzerland, Estonia, Portugal, Poland, Liechtenstein, Kenya, India will say about it.

They are currently working on a first “Legume Manifesto” and busy preparing the next steps: Show gardens (our 2000 m² global plot being one among many), leaflets, a European Seed Festival, an online library, cooking shows and once a month a lecture around beans, lentils, peas and many other legumes.

Growing them locally has enormous advantages: On domestic fields, they would be a real alternative to genetically engineered soy imports from burned down rainforests, first as the better animal feed, but better still as a healthier alternative to the meat that is “manufactured” from it in animal factories. At the same time, legumes fertilize the soil by their symbiosis with nodule bacteria and thus replace the climate killer of artificial mineral fertilizer. Pulses improve soil fertility and diversity and also promote biodiversity above ground. So why aren’t there many more legumes in Europe’s fields and in our gardens? Because they are not profitable? Because we have forgotten how to cook all their delicious varieties?

We’ll dig into the matter and keep you posted. Meanwhile, take a look at the project here and register for the “Grand Opening of the Global Bean” right now.

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