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The Global Field provides field trips experiences for students aged 8 and above.

The 2000 m² global field in Berlin makes it easy to comprehend how much arable land is available to every person. We show what the current distribution looks like and reflect on our own `ecological footprint´. We discuss whether all of mankind would be able to feed itself if everyone consumed as much as most of us do. Depending on the season we offer a wide range of extracurricular educational activities for children and youth groups as well as students and entire classrooms  aged 8 years and above (Primary School, Secondary  I & Secondary  II).

The Global Field is located on the grounds of the International Garden Exhibition (IGA). Age-specific educational packages are available for bookings on the IGA campus website.

Here you will find some impressions of the past years on the Global Field…


Boden & Klima


Bodenbiologie und naturwissenschaftliches Arbeiten


Nachhaltigkeit und Ernährung für die Welt


Landnahme und Interessenkonflikte um Boden


Der lange Weg der Tomate: industrielle Landwirtschaft und Migration


Lebensmittelspekulation und Hunger

Fleischkonsum und Flächenfraß

Fleischkonsum und Flächenfraß

Der kleine Weltacker macht Schule

Unser Agrarpädagoge Daniel Diehl