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The Team

The characters Carla and Ben lead us through stories here on the 2000m² website. Out on the Global Field and in the office we are a small but strong team: agricultural, nutrition and communication experts, cooks, farmers, biologists, and of course those people who otherwise keep everything going in the office. Frederike coordinates the project, Amélie and Lisa manage media and public relations work and Gerd controls the sowing and harvesting of crops on the Berlin Marzahn Global Field. How much land gets on the plate? Steffi wants to scientifically investigate the amount of space required for various dishes and visually demonstrate this on the field. Gesine oversees the volunteers and assistants on the field.  Carla and Elena, both on their Voluntary Ecological Year, lend their hand on all matters on the field and in the office. Benny manages the Foundation for Future Farming office (Zukunftsstiftung Landwirtschaft) in Berlin, which initiated the 2000m² project. Our interns Thomas, Verena, Lotta, Fabienne and Rieke are usefull helpers both in the office and on the Global Field. Together we are : The 2000m² Project!

Contact office

Tel: +49 30  28 48 23 24


Gerd Carlsson
Gerd, Organic Farmer Frederike, Coordinating 2000 m²
Benny Haerlin Gesine Schaumann
Benny, Director Gesine, Coordinating Helpers
Tel.: 030  24 04 71 46
PortraitAmélie01_ebv Lisa
Amélie Dupuy-Cailloux, Press and Communication
Tel.: 030  284 82 – 326
Lisa Mair, Press and Communication
Tel.: 030  284 82 – 326
Carla Böttinger Steffi Doll
Carla, Freiwilliges Ökologisches Jahr Steffi, coordinating workshops
Elena, Freiwilliges ökologisches Jahr  Rike, intern
 Verena, intern  Fabienne, intern
Lotta, helper  Thomas, intern