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Live chat: Berlin and Gilgil

In the beginning of this week we finally made our live call! The students of the St Ann School in Gilgil and their partner school in Berlin-Neukölln were able to exchange ideas in real time! Until now they had only seen pictures and videos of each other and prepared questions they wanted to ask each other.

Despite a few technical difficulties and connection weaknesses, we were able to have a conversation and to see and hear each other in almost real time via Zoom and Skype!

The school garden in Neukölln was first shown under a radiant sun. After that the classrooms became temporary conference rooms.

Behind the camera, children behave in the same way, whether in Kenya or in Germany. The excitement, shyness and language barrier were there in both countries, but they were able to ask each other a few questions. The exchange takes place in English, a language that is only learned in Kenya and Germany in school!

Little by little the children went in front of the camera and were allowed to ask their questions. How long do you need to go to school? What kind of music do you like best? Do you have a favourite drink? How warm is it today? Which plants grow in your garden? Several topics were spoken about, which lead to an insight into a different everyday life. After the more serious part, the schoolchildren in Kenya even performed a dance!

We are all looking forward to the next live call, even if the class compositions will be completely different, because after the German summer holidays (starting this week!) the pupils from Neukölln will start high school and will form new classes with other children. Another class will have the pleasure to make friends without borders!