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First Field Saturday in Switzerland: Betty and Balduin are joining us!

Shortly before reaching the sleepy village of Nuglar, where the 2000m2 field is located, The two wool pigs Betty and Balduin were already efficient and have dug the ground in the last days.

However, as soon as the sprinkling and growing begins in the fields, the digging of the pigs in the search for food would no longer be desirable. And since wild boars are always wandering around the fields around Nuglar, a braided willow fence is supposed to protect the global field.

Therefore, on the first agricultural day March 11th, the soil was heavily excavated around the field, holes were dug, weeds were pushed obliquely into the earth and interwoven with each other. Meter by meter, a self-made natural fence was created. Dominique, a bio-dynamic farmer from the Nuglar Gardens, said: “The willows will sprout and must be cut back once a year. Over time the fence becomes more and more dense. “On this farm day, she received support from seven people, some of them farmed for the first time in the Nuglar Gardens, others have been there for some time.

This is exactly what the Field Saturdays are meant to be: common gardening, whether with or without experience. And working on a willow fence allows for wonderful conversations while working. A few meters further down the field, Betty and Balduin grunted in their new enclosure, which has already been ransacked halfway through.



Text: Jasmin Schraner | Bilder: Angela Lohri