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People4Soil Art Happening Brandenburg Gate


People4Soil demonstration: Bringing the soil to the capital city (Photo: Magdalena Mirwald)

On Monday, 4 September, the European people’s initiative People4Soil called for a demonstration and art happening at the Brandenburg Gate. The highlight was a spectacular installation by artist Anneli Ketterer. She installed a 25-square-metre piece of Mecklenburg farmland in a Decrustate art object, which was rolled out at the Brandenburg Gate and then suspended from a crane. The famous chief cook Sarah Wiener was also on location and called upon everyone present to pay more attention to what forms the basis of life for us, even if it isn’t “as cute as a panda”.

People4Soil Weltacker Demo

First the soil is laid on the ground…

People4Soil Weltacker Demo

… and then everyone’s collected strength is called upon to lift the work of art…

People4Soil Weltacker Demo

… finished! 25 square metres draw attention to the state of our soil (Photo: Magdalena Mirwald)