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Educational Program

Kinder entdecken die Ackerkulturen des 2000m2-Weltackers

Foto: Lichtschwaermer

The 2000m² Project has been working closely with the education and workshop program “IGA-Campus” in 2017. Now the global field is located in the public park in Berlin-Pankow, where there is a lot to discover! Right next to the field you can find an enclosure for fallow deer, the Arboretum and the Bauerngärten, an urban gardening Project. The area is therefore particularly suitable for children groups and student classes as an extracurricular place of learning. Our environmental education program aims at conveying how we can use the global farmland in a sustainable and fair manner. In cooperation with our Partners we offer a versatile educational program all about agriculture and food. 

If you are a teacher or an educator, you’re welcome to book one of our events ranging from the consequences of meat consumption to transportation of goods in a globalized agriculture.


Events and Workshops on the 2000m² Global Field:

  1. AckerTour auf dem Weltacker
  2. AckerRallye auf dem Weltacker
  3. AckerMahlzeit auf dem Weltacker
  4. Boden und Klima: Wie Boden das Klima retten kann
  5. Lebendiger Nährboden – Bodenbiologie kennenlernen
  6. Boden – unsere Lebensgrundlage
  7. Der lange Weg der Tomate: industrielle Landwirtschaft und Migration
  8. Vom Korn zur Börse: Lebensmittelspekulation und Hunger
  9. Vom Acker in den Trog: Fleischkonsum und Flächenfraß
  10. Jagd auf Boden – Wem gehört das Land?
  11. Kompostierung leicht gemacht – Bioabfall schlau nutzen
  12. Gentechnik-Kampagne: “Kleidertausch statt Konsumrausch”
  13. Guck mal, was da zirpt! Agrobiodiversität entdecken
  14. Kombinationsangebot: Wie viel Acker braucht der Mensch?

Our partners are:

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