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The Global Bean: In the Show Gardens!

Meet the show gardeners!

Picture: Nicolas Carton, Instagram:@Lumineuses_div

Legume cultivation tour in European Show Gardens

What do chickpea seedlings look like? What new technique could I try to establish my beans next year?  How do other gardeners grow my favorite legume crop in a completely different climate? How can I multiply my own seeds?  If you are curious about the diversity of legumes, join us for a garden tour through Europe and maybe beyond. 

The Global Bean Showgardens constitute a very diverse network of demonstration gardens, production farms, breeding stations and experimental farms. Their participants are growing climbing beans with children in Germany or breeding faba beans and peas in Portugal or growing grass peas in Greece or testing chickpea cultivation in Germany and much more. 

Let Nicolas Carton (agronomist and pulse ambassador) and Anne from the Global Bean team, coordinators of the show gardens, guide you through the gardens, in the recording below!


Discover more information about the Show Gardens here.