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Drought equals lower legume yields in Germany?

There is no denying that 2022 has been a particularly dry year.
However, for most field crops like pulses, it can be positive to have “dry weather” at the end of the crop cycle for example. Did legume yields suffer from the drought? What parameters are the ones impacting legumes? What are the means to adapt legume cultivation to the drought in Europe?

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Legume diversity at the ÖBZ

We are a volunteer group within the community garden project at the Ecological Education Center (ÖBZ)  in Munich and collect varieties of beans that are no longer in commercial use. We are enthusiastic about the diversity and the aesthetics of beans, of course also about the culinary enjoyment and their ecological value.

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The Global Bean: In the Show Gardens!

What do chickpea seedlings look like? What new technique could I try to establish my beans next year? How do other gardeners grow my favorite legume crop in a completely different climate? How can I multiply my own seeds? If you are curious about the diversity of legumes, join us for a garden tour through Europe and maybe beyond.

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