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Market of Possibilities | Weltacker Club

A wonderful Global Field season at the International Garden Exhibition slowly comes to an end. A good 50,000 people have visited us, 60 school classes and 30 other visitor groups have held workshops on our 2000 m² piece of farmland, 20 discussions and debates dealt with fair foods, healthy gardening, sustainable farming and global justice.

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On 25 September, we want to talk with people who are interested and those willing to work with us about what comes next. At our “Market of Possibilities”, we will be presenting, together with our current partners, projects and ideas for 2018. Anyone who can imagine cooperating with us in future, is very welcome to come and exchange ideas with us, to plan projects and think together about what direction we can go in…

A suggestion from us: The Weltacker Club distributes 2000 m² throughout Berlin

It has still not decided whether we will be continuing the Acker am Wuhleteich without the IGA, or whether we will need to find another location. No matter what, in 2018 we want to distribute a second Weltacker across different plots throughout the entire city of Berlin. As such, we hope to bring the 2000 m² idea to a wider public when they come across it at many sites across the city. At the same time, we would like to use this to initiate a shared “Berlin Weltacker Club”. This will consist of organisations and institutions, each of which will look after a plot of the Weltacker, thus telling their own story on the larger theme of sustainable nutrition and agriculture. Anyone who has a piece of urban green space at their disposal can join in – an elevated bed would also work.

Holzmarkt, Berlin (Foto: Amélie Dupuy-Cailloux)

A guidance system on location and on the Net will lead visitors through Berlin to all sites of the 2000 m² jigsaw, and of course also to the large Weltacker. It will be a directory of interesting projects all around good, healthy and sustainable nutrition, agriculture and education. All sorts of players can take part: urban gardens, intercultural and school initiatives, fair trade sites, sustainable nutrition and international cooperation, research and teaching sites, initiatives dealing with climate, soil, the environment and nature protection, development and environmental protection organisations, restaurants, museums, public authorities, companies and committed individuals, etc.

And, of course, the members of the Berlin Weltacker Club will also maintain education, an exchange of ideas and the debate about their topics at joint events. If these result in practical initiatives and projects, then all the better! 

Prinzessinnengärten, Berlin (Foto: Magdalena Mirwald)

A suggestion from you

On 25 September, we will mainly be looking for your suggestions and ideas. How could you, and how could your work serve the Weltacker, expanding and stimulating it in the process?

  • To make sure all ideas get the space they need, we would be grateful if you could tell us briefly when you register (or cannot attend despite your interest), whether you already have some ideas and want to introduce them at the Market of Possibilities.

You are, of course, just as welcome without a finished concept. We are sending this invitation to people and organisations who we think might be interested in working actively with us. Please feel free to pass this invitation on to this target group. The Market of Possibilities is aimed at people who want to move things with us.


This event heralds in the coming season, which we want to organise on the Weltacker ourselves. At the big Thanksgiving event on 8 October, which will end the season, there will be an opportunity to inform yourself about the planning situation for 2018 and to make your own contributions to it. Further events will then take place in the hall and no longer on the field itself. We are looking forward to hearing back from you, even if you are unable to come on 25 September (“I can’t come, but would suggest the following” – “Please keep me informed” – “I’ll be there on 8 October” – “I’m interested in the Weltacker Club” – “It’s out of the question for us”).