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Legume diversity at the ÖBZ

Showgarden: The community garden project at the Ecological Education Center as part of Global Bean Project 

We are a volunteer group within the community garden project at the Ecological Education Center (ÖBZ)  in Munich and collect varieties of beans that are no longer in commercial use. We are enthusiastic about the diversity and the aesthetics of beans, of course also about the culinary enjoyment and their ecological value.

Left to right: Benedikt, Gabi, Konrad, Andrea, Marc (there are more people in our group to preserve the bean varieties, but we five take care about the GlobalBean and the showgarden)

We want to bring the variety of beans into gardens and onto people’s plates. That is why we are expanding our nationwide network of gardeners, who help us preserve the beans by planting them in their private gardens and sending back the harvested seeds. We now have over 200 varieties and approx 100 people who join us as sustainers. Our goal is to spread the use of old bean varieties and raise awareness of the importance of seed autonomy.

Beans are only germinable for about 4-5 years. Therefore all our varieties have to be sustained regularly. In 2022 we do sustain a big amount of our varieties around the ÖBZ as Showgarden.

We will do during the Bean season in 2022 several videos to show you part of our Beans.

There are different areas for the showgarden:

1.Bean Islands with following Climbing bean varieties:

Olivia (MUZ-ST040)*, Helda (MUZ-ST049), Kroatische Stange (MUZ-ST055), Wachtelkipfler (MUZ-ST071), Monastic Coco (MUZ-ST025), Kirschkernbohne (MUZ-ST106), Wildschweinchen (MUZ-ST104), Dasinger Blaue (MUZ-ST088), Nekarkönigin (MUZ-ST060).

*the “MUZ-ST040” type labels refer to the references of the bean on the ÖBZ Bean Variety page.

We Plant Bean Islands! (June) – ÖBZ 🇩🇪 #1 | Global Bean Show Gardens

2. ExGa Field with Bush Beans and Climbing beans varieties:

Pensufn(MUZ-BB028), unbekannte weißbraun (MUZ.BB024), Facta (MUZ-BB049), St. Andreas, (MUZ-BB051), Braun weiß (MUZ-BB065), Provider (MUZ-BB039), Gusty (MUZ-BB072), Saxa (MUZ-BB058), Olivia (MUZ-ST040), Maisbohne (Haricot a rames) (MUZ-ST063), Mongetes del Ganuxet (MUZ-RB020), Blaue Wachtel (MUZ-ST008), Porzellanschecke (MUZ-ST020), schwarze Soldatenbohne (MUZ-BB080), Pirosfeher (MUZ-BB014)

3. ExGa Field with Bush Beans varieties:

MUZ-BB005 Einlochbohne Blumrich 2, MUZ-RB010 Frau Samardciz (Einlochbohne, Bush Bean), MUZ-BB045 ungarische Landsorte, MUZ-BB001 Maslova, MUZ-BB002 Brigitte, MUZ-BB003 Black Turtle Soup, MUZ-BB016 Sakramentsbohne

4. Protein Field with: Beans, Sunflower,  Edamame, Soja, Peanuts, Lentils, Buckwheat, Quinoa, Oats, Millet, Amaranth, Pumpkin.

The ÖBZ “Bean Diversity” Show Garden will be live on the garden tour “in the Show Gardens” on the 23.06 at 5 PM CET.

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