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Emissions from Soil to Food

Whenever people talk about man-made climate change, they also talk about greenhouse gases, particularly CO2. But do you know exactly how greenhouse gases work and which ones there are? Because besides CO2 there are other greenhouse gases, some of which have a much higher global warming potential. Our speaker Selina Tenzer will go with you on a search for invisible gases such as CO2, methane and nitrous oxide during the 2 hours of this lecture.

The first step is to examine the soil and determine which greenhouse gases escape here. But the scope will be much broader and the entire agricultural sector will be examined: What about energy and fuel for machinery? What role do pesticides and fertilizers play? What emissions are generated during transport, processing, and finally by the end consumer?

Take a look at the value chains of your daily food and learn what significance the entire chain, but also the individual areas of value creation, have for anthropogenic climate change and global emissions.

The online seminars last around 120 minutes (including a short break). You can choose your preferred date and register for free. You are also welcome to book all of our seminars as a group on an individual date at .

The Climate Field events are funded by the Senate Department of Justice, Consumer Protection and Anti-Discrimination. Zukunftsstiftung Landwirtschaft bears sole responsibility for the content of the project.