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Your Schnitzel from the Rainforest

More and more people in Germany and around the world are opting for a vegetarian or even vegan diet. One of the most important reasons for such decisions is the climate crisis. In our free online seminar “What does the schnitzel have to do with the rainforest?” we would like to take a look at our plates and see what impact our diet has on the climate. How is the destruction of the rainforest in South America related to the schnitzel on our plate? How much CO2 is in our food and how much land do we need to make our bread? Together with you, we would like to tackle these questions and calculate the CO2 footprint of different foods with the help of a calculation model. But let’s not just look at food, greenhouse gases are also released when we grow raw materials for biofuel or fibres for our clothes. In this way, you can find out what impact your shopping and eating has on greenhouse gas emissions. Because the fight against the climate crisis already starts on your plate – find out how you can eat with the best conscience!

The online seminars last around 120 minutes (including a short break). You can choose your preferred date and register for free. You are also welcome to book all of our seminars as a group on an individual date at .

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The Climate Field events are funded by the Senate Department of Justice, Consumer Protection and Anti-Discrimination. Zukunftsstiftung Landwirtschaft bears sole responsibility for the content of the project.