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ASA Interns 2018

Erick, Magdalena, Lucas & Sagar at the Global Field in Pankow

As part of the ASA program, 4 young people from Kenya, India, Switzerland and Germany have the chance to participate in the Global Field project. During a total of 6 months, we will try to understand how the 2000m² Project is implemented in Germany and also establish relationships between partner fields in Dehradun (India) and Migori (Kenya), where we’ll be travelling as pairs. In the past 3 weeks, we’ve already been able to help out our amazing Gerd on the field in Pankow but also to get first insights in the ZSL office in Berlin-Mitte. We’re very much looking forward to this time with the foundation and together of course!


I am Magdalena Knobel, originally from Switzerland but currently studying Agricultural Sciences at the Humboldt University in Berlin. I’m involved in different urban initiatives tackling the food waste problem, which is a major issue of the food system seen as a whole.

The Global Field project is for me a great opportunity to bring farmers, consumers and decision makers together in order to create a sustainable food future. Discovering new ways of perceiving the 2000m² Project is very thrilling and giving, and will enable me to have a new global perspective regarding various topics evolving around farming and sustainability.

I hope to create long lasting relationships between India and Germany, for many other people to take advantage of other people’s experiences. I am of course looking forward to discovering a completely new way of life in Navdanya, but am really enjoying sharing our European cultures with our great international team!


I am a volunteer coming from an Indian NGO called Navdanya to be part of the ASA Program 2018 – ‘Our Global Field – 2000m² for everyone’ with the Zukunftsstiftung Landwirtschaft for a 3 months period.

After my under graduation I worked as an Application Developer in IBM India for four years. I quit my job in August 2017 to become a farmer, as a part of my learning process I participated in a course related to Agroecology and Organic Food Systems at Navdanya which gave me a great insight on the importance of organic farming, seed saving and farmer communities etc.

As a part of this internship I look forward to knowing more about the 2000m2 Global Field, how it works and in what sense it is a step towards sustainability and awareness on food consumption. How to collaborate with schools and youth groups from India and Germany.


I am Eric Agure, ASA participant from Kenya. I am from Rieko Kenya, a community-based organization in the Western part of Kenya, Migori County. Rieko Kenya is involved in three thematic areas; environment, health and education. The thematic areas are intertwined and perfectly criss-cross to help the organization effectively perform and meet its goals.

As part of my engagement with ZSL, my major focus will be two of the three thematic areas; health and environment. The environment programs majorly focuses on agro-forestry, school gardening programs and reafforestation. For the health programs we offer talks on different topics such as peer pressure, sex education, early pregnancies; and to the larger community we focus on community agricultural services and currently on course to start and promote the 2000m2 idea to farmers.

I am so excited for the three-months phase in Berlin and really looking forward to more interactions, learning and doing different projects. At the end of it I look forward to return to my home country together with my project tandem so that we can do more activities in Nyanza (homeland of Obama Senior) and more implementations so that we can impact lives. We will also create long-lasting relationships between schools and organizations in Kenya and Germany.




My name is Lucas and I just finished my Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Berlin. Being participant of the cooperation between ZSL and ASA is an unique opportunity for me to work in an international team, gain new knowledge and switch perspectives.

I am highly motivated to establish a long-term relationship between the partners by developing a platform, where everybody can share knowledge about sustainable agriculture, consumption and nutrition. In that case the Global Field project fits in my opinion perfectly to understand and learn about organic agriculture and global interdependencies.

Moreover I am looking forward to staying in Kenya for three months and to work working on the initiated partnership. In terms of this I hope to receive information and different perspectives about agriculture and nutrition. After all my wish is to enable access for everybody who is interested in the mentioned topics by being part of the platform.


We all hope to get to know you during the next few months on the Global Field in Pankow or at the office in Mitte! Stay tuned! :)

Sagar, Magdalena, Lucas & Erick at the Heinrich Böll Library in Pankow