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To New Delhi, India

New Delhi: 1200m² in India

With great pleasure we welcome another partner in the circle of global fields around the world: Edible Routes Foundation (ERF) in Delhi, India. Edible Routes Foundation (ERF) works at the intersection of ecological restoration and community development through regenerating landscapes, developing knowledge of local native species, and building ecologically conscious communities.
An experiential Indian garden is now being created on the Amarkanan farm of Edible Routes in Chhatarpur, New Delhi. The ERF is part of Edible Routes, one of India’s largest organic farming organisations. Edible Routes offers a wide range of services with the goal of bringing food closer to people. The food of urban populations is often grown far away from their homes. Therefore, Edible Routes enables people to grow their own food using principles of natural farming. The organisation also creates kitchen gardens on a variety of landscapes in urban areas of India. This, combined with knowledge dissemination through webinars, workshops and field work makes Edible Routes a one-stop-shop for those who are interested in creating localised natural food systems.

The Indian Garden depicts the crop land available per person in India. In simple terms, it shows how much land each of us have to produce and consume food from in India – 1200 sq meters. As one stands in the Indian Garden, one can take a tour of the Indian agri landscape and visually understand what kinds of crops are grown in India. This makes it possible for everyone to experience how agriculture is organised in India, to get an impression of the current production patterns and how much arable land each Indian has at his disposal. Hence, the Garden is relevant to anyone who eats and wants to know about their food and food choices!

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