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Our little 2000m² global field by the Havel river

blog post 01042014

On Sunday, we got together on the SpeiseGut farm, right on the bank of the Havel river in Berlin, to plant the seeds that will bring the 2000m² field to life.

We started planting a scaled down representation of the global situation, making adjustments for the German climate, for example switching out rice for other grains, and exchanging most of the soy for Lupine. We were very happy with how many people turned up to help out on the field, and with the 19°C weather. Planting together made for fun work, and after the global field had been planted we shared soup and chatted in the sun about the next steps for this project.

The outcome of this was inspiring and challenging at the same time: As of now you will be able to adopt ‘your’ couple of m² on the global field. These days, we are setting up a digital ‘Memory’ game featuring a picture of every donor. Find our more about the work in progress and how to adopt here.

By the way: The Berlin 2000m² field now has its own album on flickr where you can find astonishing bird’s eye view photos as well as pictures from all events held on it.