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Cultures on the Global Field

On the Global Field you can see the arable cropland available per person in the world: about 2000 square meters (half an acre). This is more than enough for a generous and healthy diet, while also providing for tea, coffee, cocoa, cotton and so on.

Within the 2000m² field, we have grown the most important arable crops, in the proportions to which they grow on the 1.4 billion hectares of arable land around the world. On the trails of various arable crops, a map of the Global Field dotted with information stations takes you through the 2000m² area in Berlin-Pankow.

In Switzerland there is another Global Field to admire: right this way…

The 2000m² area also feeds a few billion microorganisms without which the arable land would not be fertile, as well as all sorts of worms, insects, birds, mice and who knows what else!

Are we currently consuming only our personal 2000m² area? Unfortunately most of us are not. Waste as well as the production of meat and energy play an important role. Find out what thrives in the Global Field, what is made from the produce and where in the world your food grows. Calculate how many square metres are on the menu for dinner tonight. Discover 2000m2 fields in Asia, Africa and in Switzerland. Join the Global Field quiz!

Your Global Field awaits – come on in!

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