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GM-free Soy in Berlin


Zoya Sayin (Eurosivo), Benny Haerlin (Save Our Seeds), Matthias Krön (Danube Soya)

Today we planted our soy on the 2000 m² field in Berlin. Together with Donausoja, Eurosivo and Save Our Seeds we discussed the cultivation of GM-free soy and other protein crops in Europe.


The seeds are being inoculated before planting.

First we inoculated the seeds. The soy plant is a legume and therefore is able to fix nitrogen on its roots with the help of nodule bacteria. Since our soil does not provide this special type of bacteria, the seeds needed to be dissected before planting them. Last year we already planted soy this way and had a very rich harvest.


Matthias Krön planting soy in Berlin


Tofu from the Berlin Soy Rebels

We continued with discussion and had some very nice tofu from the Berlin Soy Rebels.


Danube Soya and Save our Seeds are co-organizors of the GMO-FREE EUROPE Conference

We’ll continue our exchange on the opportunities and challenges of GMO-free agriculture tomorrow at the GMO-FREE EUROPE Conference in Berlin. If you’re in town, do stop by. It’s definetely worth your while!

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