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Adopt A Square Metre

In order to continue our project in 2020 and to make it a permanent part of Berlin’s landscape we need people who want to adopt a square metre and thus become one of our godparents.

1) Make a donation of minimum 20 € for one square metre

Account owner: Zukunftsstiftung Landwirtschaft
IBAN: DE72 4306 0967 0030 0054 05
Bank: GLS Bank
payment reference: 2000m2 godparent
Or use our online donation form.

The Foundation on Future Farming (Zukunftsstiftung Landwirtschaft) is a non-profit organisation. Your donation is taxdeductible and you receive a donation receipt by request (in Germany, your bank statment is sufficient for donations under 200€).

2) Send us your name and (if you wish so) your picture via email to: ackerpatenschaft[at]

As a godparent we reserve you a special place here at our website and on the 2000 m² global field in 2018.

Our godparents:

Godparents who did not send in photos: Jana Maria Kuhlow, Jenny Weidt, Kristian Ronneburg, Thorsten Schoenbrodt, Kathrin und Thomas Goebel, Ursula und Klaus-Georg Becher Marianne Kissel-Lesser

Adopt a square metre of our global field in Berlin

Become a godparent with 2000 cents per square metre 

In 2017 our 2000 m² field was part of the International Garden Exhibition (IGA) and its campus for young people and children. Thousands of visitors, school classes and gardeners from all over the world came to see our field.

In order to continue what we started in the next year, we still need funding. Seeds, a thresher, a seed drill, tools, notice boards, communication tools and a portable field kitchen are still needed. Furthermore, we need volunteers on the field and to support our partnerships with 2000 m² fields in China, Syria and France.

What else can you do to support the global field?

3) Write a short and personal sentence, that explains why you adopt a square metre. We will add this sentence to your picture. You might as well want to send us a link that you would like to go with it.

4) Help us by spreading the work about the 2000 m² project. Tell your friends and colleagues and ask them to become godparents, too. If you have the possibility to share the news on your website and other media, please let us know. We will be happy to provide you with materials.

5) Our newsletter in only in German (sorry!). However, if you want to sign up, click here.

6) You can download our invitation to adopt a square metre here (in German, sorry again).

7) Do you have ideas or feedback about the realisation of the 2000 m² global field? Would you like to support us with translations, research, photos, videos, graphics or other voluntary work? Would you be up to the care of the guests on the field? Get in touch with us via email at carla[at] oder just give us a call: +49 30 28482324.