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If we were to divide the total global surface area of arable land by the number of people living on the planet, each person would get 2000m² (half an acre). Everything we need, must grow on this field… Learn more


  • ASA Interns 2018

    9. May 2018
    As part of the ASA program, 4 young people from Kenya, India, Switzerland and Germany have the chance to participate in the Global Field project. During a total of 6 months, we will try to understand how the 2000m² Project is implemented in Germany and also …

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  • ‘Too big to feed us’ – Experts sound alarm on mega-mergers

    16. October 2017
    NEW REPORT: ‘Too big to feed us’ – Expert panel sounds the alarm on mega-mergers and calls for urgent review 13th October – Rome: Dominant agri-food firms have become too big to feed humanity sustainably, too big to operate on equitable terms with other food system actors, …

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  • Idyllischer Kitsch beim AckerSamstag

    13. June 2018
    Bei strahlenden Wetter haben am AckerSamstag im Juni Gross und Klein gemeinsam auf dem Schweizer Weltacker vor allem eines gemacht: Kirschen genossen. Ob wirklich jede zweite Kirsche im Mund gelandet ist, wissen wir nicht, aber sicher ist, dass es den über 30 TeilnehmerInnen sichtlich Spass bereitet …

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  • Additional 2000 m² Fields in Kenya

    26. April 2018
    02.02.18 Background information Last year our organization shared our plans to establish more 2000m2 in Kenya to serve as training centers for farmers. These will be in addition to Maina’s family field which we have been reporting on. In October 2017, we selected and briefed farmer …

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2000 square metres

On this website we want to take a look at our 2000m². We want to find out what needs to be done in order to grow enough for all human beings, animals, and plants that live from this land.

We are looking for answers to many questions and for practical solutions.

Our fields have gotten out of control: We urgently need to take action to stop this! Luckily we can all make changes. Some things we can do on our own once we understand the problems; others we can only achieve together.


Global Field Movie