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  • Besuch bei unserer Baumwolle an der Müritz

    21. April 2017
    Unserer Baumwolle geht es gut, trotz des Kälteeinbruchs. „Ganz hinten links“, sagt Sabine Kabath und deutet dabei mit ausholendem Arm auf einen weit entfernten Punkt: „die sind zu schnell gewachsen. Da mußten wir sie jetzt mal etwas kühler stellen“. Tatsächlich sehen die Pflanzen am Ende des …

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  • Der Schweizer Weltacker im Blütenmeer

    12. April 2017
    Wenige Wochen bis zum grossen Fest: Am Samstag, 6. Mai, wird der schweizer Weltacker in Nuglar eröffnet. Das FrühlingsAckerFest findet neben und auf dem 2000 m2 Weltacker statt und lockt mit Essen, Musik und Eröffnungszeremonie hoffentlich zahlreiche Menschen nach Nuglar. Die Posten auf dem Weltacker sollen …

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2000 square metres

If we were to divide the total global surface area of arable land by the number of people living on the planet, each person would get 2000m². It’s incredible just how much can be grown on a plot that size! Such a field could produce tonnes of vegetables, potatoes or grain… But who can eat all that?

What’s even more incredible is that in Europe we are currently consuming and wasting more than can be produced on our individual share of land.

On this website we want to take a look at our 2000m² together. We want to find out what needs to be done so that we can grow enough to provide for all human beings, animals, and plants that live from this land. We are looking for answers to many questions and for practical solutions.

Our field has gotten out of control: We urgently need to take action to stop this! Luckily we can all make changes. Some things we can do on our own once we understand the problems; others we can only achieve together.

“Good Food – Good Farming” is the campaign slogan of the Agricultural and Rural Convention (ARC2020), a broad alliance of farmers and consumers, along with over a hundred environmental, animal welfare, public health and development organisations from across Europe. ARC2020 is calling for a fundamental shift in our European agricultural and rural development policy to foster sustainable production and consumption of food, and the recovery of rural areas. Your participation is very welcome!


  • Carla Giardini

    Carla Giardini


    A 46 year-old vegetable farmer and trained home economics teacher, Carla runs a peri-urban organic farm and shop, and has two children. Although she never gets bored, she sometimes wishes she had a little more time to be creative and try new recipes.

  • The field

    The field

    Field of experimentation

    The size of the field is about 2000m², representing the amount of arable land available to each one of us globally. The field is a few million years old; full of nourishment, life and stories. Lately, however, it has become a victim of pesticide overload.

  • Ben Wissler

    Ben Wissler


    A 32 year-old scientist specializing in plant ecology and communication, Ben conducts research on the role of soil fungi in the networking of plants.
    He always has some interesting trivia up his sleeve, ready to share.