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If we were to divide the total global surface area of arable land by the number of people living on the planet, each person would get 2000m² (half an acre). Everything we need, must grow on this field… Learn more


  • Bean King/Queen Day Baking Event

    21. December 2022
    Celebrate together one of the oldest beans customs & learn how to bake with pulses! Let’s start 2023 with GOOD LUCK! The ancient custom of the Bean King/Queen Day ends not only the dark Rough Nights, but is a beautiful feast among friends to begin the …

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  • The Global Bean knowledge hub is going live!

    31. August 2022
    Picture: © Uli Westphal Why is the cultivation and consumption of local beans and other legumes so important to mitigate climate change and improve biodiversity in fields and gardens and in our soil? How do they affect our health and contribute to fair food? How can …

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  • Welcoming the Kbean Project from South Korea

    1. December 2022
    On Thursday 20th, the Global Plot and Global bean teams were lucky to receive the KBean project form South Korea, arriving straight from the Netherlands to Berlin for a 3-day visit. Day 1: Learning lunch It is around a table, filled with Korean bean snacks – …

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  • Behind the seeds: Clayton Brascoupe

    1. December 2022
    In this third “Behind the seeds” interview in the international Slow Food convention in Torino “Terra Madre”, Clayton Brascoupe, from the north of Santa Fe in New Mexico, shares his experience with the legumes he grows on his farm. In this video, we invite you to …

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2000 square metres

On this website we want to take a look at our 2000m². We want to find out what needs to be done in order to grow enough for all human beings, animals, and plants that live from this land.

We are looking for answers to many questions and for practical solutions.

Our fields have gotten out of control: We urgently need to take action to stop this! Luckily we can all make changes. Some things we can do on our own once we understand the problems; others we can only achieve together.


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