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If we were to divide the total global surface area of arable land by the number of people living on the planet, each person would get 2000m² (half an acre). Everything we need, must grow on this field… Learn more


  • Online Event: The Role of Legumes in the Climate Crisis

    25. July 2023
    Tuesday, September 12, 5 – 6 PM CEST Beans, peas, lentils, and other members of the legume family have a big part to play in the fight against climate change.    High in protein, legumes can help us to decrease meat consumption, reducing the impacts of climate …

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  • Check out the Global Bean knowledge hub!

    31. August 2022 Why is the cultivation and consumption of local beans and other legumes so important to mitigate climate change and improve biodiversity in fields and gardens and in our soil? How do they affect our health and contribute to fair food? How can we get more …

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  • Meet the Global Bean Partners: Lucas Mourão

    29. August 2023
    What is your name? Can you briefly explain what your organisation does and your role?  My name is Lucas Mourão and I’m the coordinator of Slow Food’s local community in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. We are involved in the promotion of local socio-biodiversity, especially of Cerrado* fruits, …

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  • Behind the Seeds – Red and Black Beans, with Omar Rodriguez (Honduras)

    7. June 2023
    For our 10th episode of “Behind the Seeds,” we spoke with Omar Rodriguez at Terra Madre, last year’s Slow Food Congress in Turin. He is from Honduras and works as a coffee producer. Besides coffee, he is also passionate about beans! As he explained, in Honduras …

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2000 square metres

On this website we want to take a look at our 2000m². We want to find out what needs to be done in order to grow enough for all human beings, animals, and plants that live from this land.

We are looking for answers to many questions and for practical solutions.

Our fields have gotten out of control: We urgently need to take action to stop this! Luckily we can all make changes. Some things we can do on our own once we understand the problems; others we can only achieve together.


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