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Check out the Global Bean knowledge hub!

Why is the cultivation and consumption of local beans and other legumes so important to mitigate climate change and improve biodiversity in fields and gardens and in our soil? How do they affect our health and contribute to fair food? How can we get more beans and legumes in the ground and on our tables? 

Frankly, we believe that legumes can change the world! Find out why and how on our Global bean knowledge hub going live on the 8th of September. Get to know the 50 partners across Europe, as well as in Kenya, India and the US. Discover their inspiring experience and practical knowledge about legume cultivation and preparation and join the global bean club!

On the Global Bean knowledge hub you will find:

  • Online monthly lectures and network meetings
  • Virtual seed festivals and Online Cooking events
  • Short information sheets and Practical cultivation instructions
  • Knowledge hub & plenty of information and media
  • International legume show garden
  • Competitions and International exchange amongst legume lovers

Very much looking forward to seeing you,

Lisa, Benny, Ekke, Cecilia, Anne & the 50 Global bean partners

For any questions please contact Lisa Hoffmann via .