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Carla & Ben

Seven and a half billion people are now sharing this planet. While that number continues to grow, the size of the Earth remains the same. This raises many questions for our future, including whether or not there will be enough food. Dividing the total global surface area of arable land (around 1.5 billion hectares) by the number of people on the planet gives us this figure: 2000 square metres per person. It is on this piece of land that everything Mother Earth supplies you with must grow: wheat, rice, potatoes, fruit, vegetables, oil, sugar… not to mention all the animal feed that does not stem from meadows and pastures. On top of that we also need to grow cotton for our clothes, tobacco for smokers, “bio”gas or diesel, and other so-called renewables on our field.

We’ve laid out your own individual 2000m² with the global average of each crop. You can find it in Berlin in the Botanischer Volkspark Pankow-Blankenfelde.


Let’s take a look at the field… →