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Sweden: 2000m² in Ytterjarna
dina 2000 sqm

The ‘Dina 2000 Kvadratmeter’ (‘Your 2,000 square meters’) project creates a positive vision of how your own piece of farm land may look. On the field in Ytterjarna everything one person needs to eat during one year is cultivated. Practically and pedagogically the project shows that 2000 m² of arable land are enough for one person to live well on.

The project is supported by our partner organisation BERAS who also helps sharing the stories and events happening on the 2000 m² field in Ytterjarna in our blog.

2000 Kvadratmeter in Sweden

Our Swedish correspondent Magda Knobel found a 2000 m² garden in Stockholm. On the island of Djurgården, between an amusement park, various museums (including the Abba Museum) and many trees, there is a garden which has a very special mission. At the end of the 18th …

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