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Visit our Global Bean knowledge hub: and discover our European network promoting the use and cultivation of legumes!

More than 50 partners across Europe, as well as in Kenya, India and the US, share and showcase inspiring experiences and practical knowledge about legume cultivation and consumption: public gardens and seed exchanges, monthly meetings and lectures, information sheets and promotional media.

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    • Traditional Methods for Cooking and Preparing Pulses

      Legumes are grown and eaten in nearly every country and culture around the world. Most regions and cultures have developed unique traditional methods for cooking and preparing dishes with pulses. The following provides a select insight into some of these

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    • Cowpea

      Cowpeas were domesticated in Africa. They spread into Asia and Europe and were grown very long before Phaseolus beans came from America and replaced most European cultivation of Vigna beans. Cowpeas are largely cultivated in semiarid regions of Africa and

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    Monthly meetings

    Monthly sessions about everything legume-related, Intercropping, legume mixtures, seed exchanges and more.

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    Short videos about legume cultivation from all around the world!

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    Behind the Seeds

    Short videos about legumes.

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