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Can legumes save the world?

Visit our Global Bean knowledge hub: and discover our European network promoting the use and cultivation of legumes!

More than 50 partners across Europe, as well as in Kenya, India and the US, share and showcase inspiring experiences and practical knowledge about legume cultivation and consumption: public gardens and seed exchanges, monthly meetings and lectures, information sheets and promotional media.

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Next events

  • 10 Feb 2023

    World Pulses Day

    10 Feb 2023 @ All Day – Participate to our World Pulses Day action, initiated by Cecilia Antoni. World Pulses Day is a global event to recognise the importance of pulses as a global food! Let’s celebrate this day together! Send us your own story of pulses – a few sentences and ideally a photo – to : Your favourite dish?Who made […]

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  • 16 Mar 2023

    Growing exotic legume species

    16 Mar 2023 @ 17:00 – 18:00 – In the Global Bean March meeting, we would like to prepare for the season and present some exotic beans. While they are not widely known and used in Europe, some of them play a very important role on other continents. Learn how to grow them and discover testimonies of farmers, gardeners and seed savers that […]

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Latest publications

  • Multiplication of legume seeds

    “For small quantities, shelling can be done by hand. For larger quantities, you can beat the pods with a stick. You can also walk on them.” Learn how to properly multiply your bean, faba bean and pea seeds!

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  • Chickpea

    Chickpeas are known as one of the oldest cultivated plants. Did you know that they can be differentiated in two types varying in seed, shape and colour? Learn all about the cultivation of chickpea in your garden!

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Monthly meetings

Monthly sessions about everything legume-related, Intercropping, legume mixtures, seed exchanges and more.

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Short videos about legume cultivation from all around the world!

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Behind the Seeds

Short videos about legumes.

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