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Global Bean Seed Festival 2023

Save the date: 22.04.2022

This year, we make our Global Bean seed festival very special: several partners in the network will celebrate and exchange legumes on the same afternoon in different places in Europe. We warmly invite you to join the festivities online and visit our seed festival happening in Greece, Albany, Germany, Ethiopia, France, Austria, Spain…

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Weltacker Schweiz sucht Verstärkung

Für unsere Geschäftsstelle suchen wir per April 2023 oder nach Vereinbarung ein/e Geschäftsleiter/in. Der gemeinnützige Verein „Weltacker Schweiz“ entwickelt und fördert die 2000 m² Weltacker Geschichte. Dabei orientiert er sich an der Internationalen Weltacker-Initiative der Zukunftsstiftung Landwirtschaft. Der Verein engagiertsich primär in der Schweiz, ist zugleich …

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Growing exotic legume species

Discover how to grow unknown legume species The Fabaceae family is immense. Beans have been one of the most widely used crops for millennia, but not only beans have been used in the human diet as a source of plant protein in food. There are hundreds, …

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Bean King/Queen Day Baking Event

Celebrate together one of the oldest beans customs & learn how to bake with pulses! Let’s start 2023 with GOOD LUCK! The ancient custom of the Bean King/Queen Day ends not only the dark Rough Nights, but is a beautiful feast among friends to begin the …

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Behind the seeds: Clayton Brascoupe

In this third “Behind the seeds” interview in the international Slow Food convention in Torino “Terra Madre”, Clayton Brascoupe, from the north of Santa Fe in New Mexico, shares his experience with the legumes he grows on his farm. In this video, we invite you to …

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Legumes in community catering

Public canteens are often, especially in schools, considered a mere cost item in the budget of a municipality or a company. Instead, collective catering can have an important educational value, a significant health impact and be a driver for the development of local sustainable agriculture. Legumes …

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