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Legumes at re:publica!

At this year’s Re:publica, Carla Ulrich (Tiny Farms, Slow Food Youth), Sofia Elisabeth Berlinghof (Tiny Farms, Slow Food Youth) and Ekkehard Spiegel (Weltacker/Global Field, and Global Bean) held a workshop on „Leguminati Calling: The solution for the food of the future lies in legumes“ as part of Our Food our Future.


The Global Bean: In the Show Gardens!

What do chickpea seedlings look like? What new technique could I try to establish my beans next year? How do other gardeners grow my favorite legume crop in a completely different climate? How can I multiply my own seeds? If you are curious about the diversity of legumes, join us for a garden tour through Europe and maybe beyond.


April Monthly meeting: Intercropping

Intercropping, other than crop rotation, means planting and harvesting more than one plant at a time: onions go with strawberries, lentils need a pillar to climb on, such as barley, the famous three sisters of the maize, bean and pumpkin Milpa are another example and even permaculture is just highly diversified intercropping.