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Earth Overshoot Day

Today, August 13th 2015 is Earth Overshoot Day: Humanity has exhausted the natural ressources and bearing capacity our planet provides in one year. For the rest of the year, so the story goes, we are reducing the planets living substance. Translating this story into our 2000 square meter world this would mean that from today on we would be eating from somebody elses field. Most of us actually don’t do so yet, fortunately. However, this much more sophisticated overall ecological footprint calculator would go into minus already in April for us industrial world dwellers. Not to use more than can regrow is the core meaning of sustainability. If you would like to check out earth overshoot and how to push its date back to winter, this link and the little film below can help you diggin’ deeper. Deutsche Version

Earth Overshoot Day 2015 is on Aug. 13th