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Thanksgiving festivities on the Global Field


Sunday October 8th 2017 starting 1 p.m.:

Foto: Gerd Carlsson

What a successful 2017 season our Global Field has had at the IGA! Together with all our friends, partners, helpers and those interested in what we are doing, we would like to celebrate Thanksgiving and our season end with you on Sunday, 8 October.

When winter is coming, that also means that next spring is not that far away. So, what will be happening on the Global Field in the coming year? We’ve got big plans: to get our message across to an even larger public, in addition to our Global Field, we want to distribute a copy of its 2000m² on individual plots across the entire capital city. Anyone who has a publicly accessible piece of green land can take part; a raised bed will also do! Give a piece of the Global Field a home on your plot. What about 1.7m² of tomatoes or 11m² of sweet potatoes? A guidance system will take visitors through the whole of Berlin to the individual sites of this Global Field club.

Besides the 2000m² and the message “There’s enough for everyone there!”, we will be presenting interesting projects all around good, healthy and sustainable nutrition, agriculture, urban, intercultural and educational gardens, fair trade and international cooperation, climate, soil, the environment and nature protection. Tell us your story as part of it all:

At the Thanksgiving, the Global Field club will be presented and the first plots distributed.

And at Thanksgiving, of course, we want to celebrate the harvest. Everything still growing on our plot of land will be landing in the pots and pans of your Acker kitchen. And no doubt this will be adding a few more delicious recipes to our 2000m² cookbook. And while we are enjoying our food and drink, we will be able to talk about the past season, make new plans and for one last time enjoy the skyline and the sunset am Wuhleteich.


In the evening, Dimitri Hegemann, owner of Tresor and Kraftwerk night clubs will be creating a party mood with “Mädchenmusik” and Electrofunk.

We would like to thank everyone who took part in the Global Field 2017 and those who will continue to do so in 2018. Come along and celebrate with us!

If you register at , you can enter the IGA free of charge at the Kienbergpark main entrance.