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One Health – One Planet

Kenyan-German School Exchange

More than 6000km separate Germany from Kenya. A very long distance, but with our project “One Health – One Planet” this great distance disappears. This project brings Kenyan and German children together and enables them to have a lively exchange about their everyday lives, global agriculture and climate issues. The impressions from completely different places in the world open up new perspectives on the world for the children. They are accompanied and supported for several months by the Berlin Weltacker in Germany and the Seed Savers Network Kenya in Gilgil.

How does this exchange work?

The pupils from both countries meet with live calls. This way, they can talk and exchange directly. They also make their own videos in which they tell their exchange partners about their eating habits, the food they eat every day, their health situation, climate change and many other things from their everyday lives. Particularly the school gardens are introduced to each other. In this way, all participating pupils can take a look at a world that is otherwise so far away from them, gain new perspectives on the world and globalisation, and practice their digital skills and English at the same time. But the exchange does not only take place digitally; for the videos, the pupils also go on excursions, do experiments and work in the garden.

The 2000m² Global Field as a place of experience

The children are given simple and vivid access to the topics of agriculture and nutrition here: e.g. the “area buffet”. This is where the ingredients of different dishes are grown to illustrate the respective land use of a meal. They can now share these experiences and everyday life experiences with Kenyan children. In this way, they get a realistic, true-to-life and personal picture of the conditions and habits on the other continent. At the same time, the foreign view of their own lives opens up the possibility for critical discussion and appreciation of their own situation.

Joint Finish

At the end of the project, a joint final video about the exchange will be created. The insights gained and possibly also common messages are to be made accessible to the broad public on the internet and encourage people to follow suit and continue the exchange. Stay tuned for the messages that the students want to and will give us!

You can find out more about the German schools here:

Walter-Gropius-Schule Berlin

Schulfarm Insel Scharfenberg

Funded by the LEZ