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September event: Produce your own Seeds!

15.09.2022 | 17:00-18:00 CEST

Come September, it is time to select which seeds to keep.

The best looking pods we have saved from harvest to let them fully mature and then carefully dry them for the next season. We might look for the biggest and strongest ones, but why not give those peas a chance that were the first or the last ones to flower. An interesting crossbreed, a weird shape or peculiar colour may have attracted our attention and curiosity. This is the innovative moment in the garden’s wheel of life! Preserving and cultivating the diversity of legumes is a local and regional exercise of exchange both of seeds and information about them.

Where can I find seeds of heirloom varieties? How can I preserve my own seeds in the garden? How do seed banks, associations and seed producers work to preserve legume diversity?

Join us on Thursday 15th September for a new session of the Global Bean project with the people behind the seeds of the legumes we’re growing and eating!

We’ll bring you to dedicated professionals and amateurs in our own show gardens working as “seed savers”. A seed bank will let us enter their world, the association Arche Noah will present their participatory breeding projects of peas and beans. We’ll create our collaborative list of sources for buying legume seeds. A small start up will share their approach to multiplying seeds of heirloom varieties for gardeners and we’ll present our latest information sheet on multiplying legume seeds. Join us to get inspired and empowered to use more of the diversity of legumes!

We are very much looking forward to seeing you!

The Global Bean team and partners.