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Legumes in community catering

Public canteens are often, especially in schools, considered a mere cost item in the budget of a municipality or a company. Instead, collective catering can have an important educational value, a significant health impact and be a driver for the development of local sustainable agriculture. Legumes can play a key role in making canteens more sustainable and should therefore be included as an integral part of a healthy and environmentally friendly menu.

We’ll discuss this crucial topic together with:

  • Claudia Paltrinieri, president of Foodinsider and author of the case study on the transformation of the public company Qualità & Servizi: “Between legumes and local development”
  • Valentina Taglietti, Food Policy Manager at MenoPerPiù, a programme developed for EssereAnimali, promoting sustainable nutrition in companies
  • Dana Smith, Campaign Director Meatless Monday
  • Becky Ramsing, senior Program Officer Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future
  • Betina Bergmann Madsen, chief procurement officer in the Copenhagen Municipality and a specialist in the procurement of sustainable and organic food for the municipality’s 900 kitchens.

The webinar will be moderated by Ottavia Pieretto, Protein Transition Project Coordinator for Slow Food International.