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Bean King/Queen Day Baking Event

Celebrate together one of the oldest beans customs & learn how to bake with pulses!

Let’s start 2023 with GOOD LUCK! The ancient custom of the Bean King/Queen Day ends not only the dark Rough Nights, but is a beautiful feast among friends to begin the new year with lightness, sweet beans and – if you are the lucky one – even with a crown. Essential for this custom is a special cake, called “Galette des Rois” in France and “Königskuchen” in Switzerland, which you will learn how to bake. Baking with beans is actually easier than you may think. Lena and Cecilia will show the most important basics with pulses as dough and as filling.  

While our cakes will be in the oven, we will hear more of the custom from the 14th century which is still present in different ways in France, Spain, Switzerland and the South of Germany from our partners.

And: Don’t forget to invite your friends after the baking class to celebrate this special day and crown the lucky one that found the bean in the cake, and will be the Bean King/Queen 2023 and with its privileges. 

The baking class will be animated by Dr. Lena Rutishauser ( and Cecilia Antoni ( and will be in easy english. 

Please register so that we can send you the list with the required ingredients in advance.

For any questions please contact Lisa Hoffmann via .

We look forward very much to seeing you!

The Global Bean team and partners