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Drought equals lower legume yields in Germany?

There is no denying that 2022 has been a particularly dry year.
However, for most field crops like pulses, it can be positive to have “dry weather” at the end of the crop cycle for example. Did legume yields suffer from the drought? What parameters are the ones impacting legumes? What are the means to adapt legume cultivation to the drought in Europe?

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The grain legume market in Europe

Bruno Kezeya; Cecilia Antoni; Marcus Mergenthaler Production and uses Grain legumes have several agronomic, environmental and dietary benefits. Surprisingly, they play only a minor role in today’s farming systems as well in human nutrition in the EU. In fact, dry grain legumes represent only 2.1 % …

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Summer cooking with lentils!

On July 14th, though it was already hot in most of our regions, Claudia from heldenküche fired up our kitchens! She brought in her good mood and energy right from the moment she welcomed the participants, from all over the world – Germany, South Korea, the …

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