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A Kenyan-German live dialogue

An Online-Workshop series on farm, food and climate

Challenges of our time are globally interconnected – so are the solutions. Let us start on the grassroot level by having a Kenyan-German dialogue on farming, food and the climate. Our Online-Workshops unite East-African small-scale farmers with German consumers, Gilgil Seed Savers with Berlin environmental activists. Join us for the next sessions!

Invitation: Kenyan-German farm, food & climate exchange

Don’t poison – Bee happy

Did you know that honey can be harvested in tree holes and even under the ground? In our next exchange we will discuss the differences between German and Kenyan bee keeping, how to do apiculture in a natural way and and why it is easier for honey bees to survive in Germany. Wild bees – of which exist more than 20 000 species worldwide – are endangered by extinction in both countries. We invited experts to tell us: What are the reasons? And which countermeasures can we take? Let us learn from each other and share our experiences

Watch the Recording
of our Exchange here

Johann Lütke Schwienhorst from Aurelia Stiftung talked about “natural bee keeping” and beedying.

Dr. Peter Clausing of the Pesticide Action Network told us about pesticide exports by German companies to the global South and the connection with bee deaths there.

Wednesday, May 5th,
1-2.30 pm (CET) / 2-3.30 pm EAT

The Food Challenge | Part 1
“The Food Challenge” is a documentary about the use of toxic pesticides in Kenya and the threat they pose to people’s and bee’s health, environment and food security.

Youth Climate Exchange

My Climate, My Life, My Responsibility

Around 95 youth and activists came together for a Kenyan-German exchange. For 1.5 hours, they discussed the already noticeable effects of climate change, our possibilities for action and the differences in the approach to climate change in the policies of both countries.

Wednesday, 24th March
1–2:30 pm Berlin, 3–4:30 Gilgil/Kenya

We were pleased to welcome the following speakers: Wycliff Nyamao, Fridays For Future, Aquila Lwanga, BUNDJugend, Madame Mathoni Kariuki, Greenpeace and the NAJU.

In order to stay in contact beyond the Exchange, we created a Whatsapp group. Click here to join!

There is no better way to fight against climate change than to share knowledge and learn from each other.

Therefore we will have a Kenyan-German dialogue on climate! Our next Online-Workshop unites East-African and German youth activists in order to discuss human caused climate change. How does our behaviour effect climate change? And what are the most effective actions, each and everyone of us can take?

The idea of the Youth Forum is to offer a space, in which youth from Kenya and Germany can exchange their experiences and the differences in climate activism.


The workshop is scheduled for 90 minutes and will be divided into two equal thematic blocks.

  1. In the first half, a selection of both Kenyan and German environmental movements and youth organisations present themselves. This should give both sides a good first insight into the respective type of activism.
  2. In the second half, we divide the participants into wildly mixed breakout sessions, where questions can be asked and discussions be opened. Here, the participants have complete freedom in the choice of topics.

Garden-to-Garden exchange

At our next live exchange gardeners from Kenya, Germany and beyond will share their experience. For some of us production for our own consumption and a surplus for the market is the main purpose. For others education, health and recreation is more important. We will discuss topics such as: Different purposes and concepts of gardening – favourite varieties, methods, tools – environmental and social challenges and where do our seeds come from? We will learn about seed extraction, organic liquid fertilizers and different forms of urban gardening.

Wednesday, 24th February
1–2:30 pm Berlin, 3–4:30 Gilgil/Kenya

Are you gardening yourself? Would you like to share your experience? Join us!

  1. Send a picture of your garden to
  2. Think about what you would like to share in one to two minutes
  3. You become part of our Virtual Garden-Gallery. We will be wandering through this gallery with all of your submissions during our exchange on Wednesday 24th

Our Virtual Garden-Gallery:

Farming with Animal PowerPast or Future? (3/2/2021)

Farmer Michael Alfayo showed us how he is using oxes and donkeys on his farm. Professor Ronald Kibet also reported on his work and gave advice about draft-animal-technology.

Farmer Julia Bar-Tal from Hofkollektiv Bienenwerder shared her experience on working with horses and ponies. For any further questions you can reach out to her via

Insects for Christmas

Wednesday, 16th December
1:00 – 2:30 pm

In Western Kenya, insects have been part of the diet for generations. In Germany it is rather rare to eat ants and worms. What does the nutrition of our future look like? Richard Opete from Kenya and Nicole Sartirani from Berlin will introduce their personal way of insect farming and consumption. We are also going to see undervalued foods like pumpkin leaves. Are there more unused crops or ingredients which we could easily add to our meals?

Watch our full exchange on Facebook and get in touch with Nicole Sartirani and Seed-Savers from Kenya:

Click on the picture to watch our last Exchange on Facebook

Climate change = farming change?

Wednesday, 2nd December
1:00 – 2:30 pm

Global climate change affects us all – how? That differs from country to country. Farming experts in Kenya and Germany show us around on their farms, giving examples of how climate change affects their daily lives. We all have a role to play in preserving our planet – either through production or our consumption choices.

Have a look at the locations:

Further dates will be announced here!