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Community Supported Agriculture

Can Community Supported Agriculture be part of a solution for German and Kenyan small-scale farmers?

Wednesday 09. March 2022 1-3 pm (Berlin/CET) / 3-5 pm (GilGil/EAT)

Beatrice is a small scale organic vegetable farmer in Gilgil, Kenya, growing kales, swiss chard, spinach, tomatoes among other vegetables for the market. She has brokers (middlemen) who come to her farm to purchase the vegetables well below market prices. Beatrice would love to be a constant supplier of clean food directly to the market. Community Supported Agriculture could help a great deal to improve her economic situation. The produce is there but the market is unreliable. On the other hand, finding safe food is quite a challenge for many consumers in Kenya.

Mathias works and lives in Kattendorf, near Hamburg, Germany. Almost thirty years ago he founded the farm „Kattendorfer Hof“, Germany’s first Community supported agriculture. The members pay in advance a fair and jointly fixed price per yield share. Every week, their food-coops are then served with seasonal food directly from the farm: vegetables, meat, milk and cheese and grain, which can be complemented by partnering organic farms. No supermarkets needed in this food-chain. Mathias will be happy to share his knowledge and experience with us.

The partnership between the Seed Savers Network Kenya and Weltacker (global plot) Berlin is flourishing since some years now. We discuss issues of food sovereignty, agroecology, small-scale farming and gardening and also maintain an exchange between 6 schools in Berlin and Kenya. At our last online exchange, Kenyan farmers asked about the concept of Community Supported Agriculture. Is it a way to equitable pay and access to supportive, local markets? Could such a trust-based direct relationship provide consumers with secure and non-contaminated fruits and vegetables?

This direct online-exchange between Kenyan small-scale farmers and CSA-practitioners and supporters from Germany and other countries addressed common challenges and allowed to share experiences. We invited farmers and consumers already involved and practically interested in CSA and hope to kick off longer term partnerships.

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