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Pinar Yoldas: An Ecosystem of Excess

photo: Sascha Krischock, transmediale

photo: Sascha Krischock, transmediale

From primordial soup to plastic soup, in “An Ecosystem of Excess” Pinar Yoldas asks a very simple question: “If life started today in our plastic debris filled oceans, what kinds of life forms would emerge out of this contemporary primordial ooze?“

With An Ecosystem of Excess, the Turkish artist Pinar Yoldas creates a post-human ecosystem of speculative organisms and their imagined environment. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a garbage vortex made up of several million tons of plastic waste in the North Pacific about the size of Central Europe is Yoldas’ site of interest and the birthplace for species of excess.

According to the “primordial soup” theory, life on earth began four billion years ago in the oceans, when inorganic matter turned into organic molecules. Today, the oceans have become a plastic soup. Seeing this as a site of exchange between organic and synthetic matter, of fusion between nature and culture, Pinar Yoldas asks what life forms would emerge from the primeval sludge of today’s oceans. Her answer: An Ecosystem of Excess – a new biological taxonomy of the species of excess!

Currently exhibiting at Schering Stiftung Berlin, Germany
Unter den Linden 32–34, 10117 Berlin

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