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Neues von Global Bean

Hier findet ihr Neuigkeiten rund ums Global Bean Projekt!

Die Artikel sind in “broken English”, als gemeinsame Sprache, verfasst. Für die meisten Beteiligten ist Englisch nicht die Muttersprache, also keine Angst!

December 13th: EVENT – Legumes in Community Catering

Public canteens are often, especially in schools, considered a mere cost item in the budget of a municipality or a company. Instead, collective catering can have an important educational value, a significant health impact and be a driver for the development of local sustainable agriculture. Legumes can play a key role in making canteens more sustainable and should therefore be included as an integral part of a healthy and environmentally friendly menu.

We’ll discuss this crucial topic together with:

  • Claudia Paltrinieri, president of Foodinsider and author of the case study on the transformation of the public company Qualità & Servizi: “Between legumes and local development”
  • Valentina Taglietti, Food Policy Manager at MenoPerPiù, a programme developed for EssereAnimali, promoting sustainable nutrition in companies
  • Dana Smith, Campaign Director Meatless Monday
  • Becky Ramsing, senior Program Officer Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future
  • Betina Bergmann Madsen, chief procurement officer in the Copenhagen Municipality and a specialist in the procurement of sustainable and organic food for the municipality’s 900 kitchens.

The webinar will be moderated by Ottavia Pieretto, Protein Transition Project Coordinator for Slow Food International.

November 15th: EVENT – European tour of local initiatives


We discussed specific agronomic, technical and organisational issues faced by pioneers of neglected crops and how they solved them. We also focussed on the food networks that have become active around these initiatives and which make them successful: what is the nature of the collaboration with/between farmers, chefs, processors (for flour, jars, snacks, spreads, etc.), retailers, researchers? How do they engage with consumers?

We heard inspiring stories from and discussed concrete actions with:

October 24th: The Kbean Project in Berlin

On Thursday 20th, the Global Plot and Global bean teams were lucky to receive the KBean project form South Korea, arriving straight from the Netherlands to Berlin for a 3-day visit. >>>Read More

Learning Lunch at the 2000m² Office in Berlin