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Online Event: Live in the Legume Show Gardens!

A virtual tour through legume gardens in Europe and beyond

Tuesday, July 11th 2023, 5 – 6:30 pm

If you are curious about the diversity of legumes, join us for a garden tour through Europe and maybe beyond.

The Global Bean Show Gardens constitute a very diverse network of demonstration gardens, production farms, breeding stations and experimental farms. Their participants are growing all sorts of legumes, for example, children in Germany are growing climbing beans as part of a school project,  gardeners in Portugal are breeding faba beans and peas,  in Greece they are growing grass peas, and ,  in Germany gardeners are testing chickpea cultivation.

We’ll make the most of the beginning of summer and take you – live – to some of the gardens! At a round table with the gardeners, they will tell you their favorite legume growing tips and specialties and you’ll have a chance to ask a bunch of experts all your questions.

For all of you, who like to grow legumes, and are – like us – convinced that they will save the world, this is the opportunity to discover legume cultivation in other countries and to exchange your ideas with gardeners!