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A call to gardeners: What bugs, pests and diseases are affecting the legumes in our gardens?

This topic will be discussed in a Global Bean monthly meeting this fall. By then, a “pest doctors” team is assembling within our Global Bean network to identify and try to find an answer to the problems you encounter – wherever your garden is located.

Your contribution is needed to help establish the most current and relevant problems in the various locations of our gardens.

While our guest experts will be able to talk about them more in depth at the upcoming meeting, you don’t have to wait until then to get an answer: the Global Bean team and partners include many gardening enthusiasts and experienced gardeners, who can analyse your problem and get back to you. 

Usually, one takes pictures of the prettiest flowers, the tastiest-looking beans. But this time, we are collecting pictures of your yellow, spotted, eaten leaves, of your plants that are barely peeking out of the soil when they should already be 50 cm high, of your discoloured seeds and pods. We would like to see the worms, maggots, beetles, insects, weevils, slugs, mosaiutc viruses, mould and drought you encounter in your garden!

Send a picture of your problem to , a brief description of the plant and its growing conditions (name of the legume variety, whether it grows in a pot, the type of soil, sun exposure, watering frequency…) or anything else you might think is relevant, and we will analyse them for you! If you catch an intruding bug or pest on your picture, even better!

©Picture: SeedSaversNetwork Kenya