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Event Tip: Youth Climate Exchange

My Climate, My Life, My Responsibility!

Wir laden euch alle herzlich zum nächsten Austausch mit unserem Kenianischen Partneracker ein! Interessierte jeden Alters sind willkommen, an unserem Online-Exchange teilzunehmen. Doch dieses Mal gehört das Wort allein der Jugend!

WICHTIG: Die Veranstaltung findet – genauso wie die nachfolgende Beschreibung – auf Englisch statt und es wird keine Übersetzung angeboten.

Challenges of our time are globally interconnected – so are the solutions.

Let us start on the grassroot level by having a Kenyan-German dialogue on climate. Our Online-Workshop unites East-African and German youth activists in order to discuss human caused climate change. How does our behaviour affect climate change? What are the most effective actions, each and everyone of us can take?

The idea of the Youth Forum is to offer a space, in which youth from Kenya and Germany can exchange their experiences and the differences in climate activism.


The workshop is scheduled for 90 minutes and will be divided into two equal thematic blocks.

  1. In the first half, a selection of both Kenyan and German environmental movements and youth organisations present themselves. This should give both sides a good first insight into the respective type of activism.
  2. In the second half, we divide the participants into wildly mixed breakout sessions, where questions can be asked and discussions be opened. Here, the participants have complete freedom in the choice of topics.

There is no better way to fight against climate change than to share knowledge and learn from each other.

Have we aroused your interest? If you would like to support the organisation process of the event or if you have any questions, please contact us via ! :)

Further Information and recordings of the last exchanges:

Wenn ihr keine Veranstaltung mehr verpassen wollt, abonniert auch unseren Telegram-Kanal “Der Welt Acker”!